Kitten Maintenance Information

Key points

Kitten Product Recommendations

I have been breeding for 25 years and in the beginning, no one helped me with anything. Through my experiences this is what I have come to believe are the best of the best, no money wasted on products that you will rubbish after a few uses and no time wasted going to keep buying items that you don’t need. All of these items are easy to maintain and worth all the money spent on them, plus they will last a long time. truthfully this is also for the cats benefit as I want them to live their best and happy lives with good quality equipment and happy owners.
I show quite a few items from Petkit in my recommendations so if you are interested here is a link for the main Petkit distributor in Australia.

This is what I can only suggest through years of experience and trialing every possible thing for my cats. Honesty it’s quite expensive and my cats only use top range items but putting in some money to buy a few of these items is worth it in my opinion. My experience has come to purchasing good quality and expensive items straight away instead of just replacing cheap and crappy items, spending time and money over and over again. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me. However, Google is very handy when looking for good items with good prices, because these days online shops have very good deals and you could save a lot of money.

I would like everyone to at least purchase the bowls i’ve recommended, a tree that is 1.7m or higher, a litter box with a roof, one of the beds I’ve recommended, brushes and a water fountain. These are mandatory. It’s up to you what kind you buy but I’ve given you options of only the highest quality items. After many years of working with different types of people and battling with them and arguing, telling them that these items are the best of the best. Some people don’t get it and buy cheap crappy items that aren’t good at all, and it disappoints me as I only want what’s best for my kittens and i’ve spent so much time explaining why these items are the best and giving evidence in countless forms such writing and compiling photos. But in the end, they transition to everything that i’ve recommended as they see themselves that everything is necessary.

You need to be fully prepared for when your kitten comes home, and you will need to buy all the necessary equipment before bringing your new kitten home.

Follow our essential equipment guide, to ensure your kitten settles into his new home and has everything he could possibly need.

Litter Tray

Your kitten’s litter tray should be located in a discreet and quiet place, away from his water and food bowls. Position away from large windows or cat flaps to avoid disturbance, which could prompt toileting issues. Do not be tempted to buy cheap cat litter, instead opt for a specialist kitten litter, which will be soft on his delicate paws, locking fluid away effectively. Remember to clean the litter tray regularly, as kittens are very sensitive to smells and if the litter tray is dirty, they may be putting off using it. I also just wanted to mention this is what I clean my floors and furniture pieces with. It’s a veterinary disinfectant and is safe for all animals and will be handy to have. (see in the photos below) There’s also no odour which is what I really love about this item.

Cat toys

This is an ultimate all-in-one toy! All of my kittens absolutely adore these toys. My cats own everyone of these toys and all of them get used daily. The cats love the traditional strings, mice, balls and tunnels; but they also love their electronic toys and lasers. This is the Bliss cat tunnel I use and it’s very good quality. I recommend 90cm plus in sizes and it’s washable too. Also, I forgot to mention that the cat tree has to be at least 1.7m high or they could hurt themselves climbing on other things and potentially destroy your house.These are the toys they really love to play with. It’s very necessary to keep the kitten happy and out of trouble. The cats need a variety of different toys to keep them entertained. A big cat tree will also save you a lot of trouble as they won’t be climbing and damaging your stuff as much. The kittens do not need small starter trees because they all roam freely and explore my house so they climb anything they can.

Scratching posts

A kitten will instinctively sharpen his claws and mark his territory by scratching, so to save your furniture from scratches.

Feeding & Grooming

My cats and kittens use a variety of different bowls and plates. But I love the bowls from petkit as they are clean and proven to be better for the cats. I really recommend the water fountain, they all love it! This is the filtered water fountain that I highly recommend and I believe the last two items are definitely worth the cost. For basic grooming and worming and cat care, I recommend shampoo in the pictures below. British cats are prone to watery eyes and sometimes they get dirty around their eyes so this is what I use to avoid that. And basic worming and Revolution for your kittens.

Kitten Beds

This is the furniture the kittens use right now and a few extra pieces that I really like. To avoid stressing them I recommend buying things similar or the same. This is the best way to settle your kitten quickly and with very little stress. My kittens and cats absolutely adore furniture pieces from curver, mainly the Curver Pet Bunk Bed and the Curver Cozy Pet House. They also adore the MYZOO Spaceship and a ratten cat bunk that I will link. They look good and are easy to clean and the kitties love them so I think these are also essential pieces for kittens.
The amazing rattan bunk that all of my cats adore. They loved it so much that I ended up buying many more.

Kitten Carrier

I also wanted to mention it’s best to get a plastic car carrier because if they wee in it you can just wipe it down. But with material carriers, the wee will go through and soak into your car. It will be very hard getting the smell out after that happening, believe me, it’s horrible.

Cat tree

Food Recommendation

This is the food your kitten currently eating! I recommend buying you guys all at once. My kittens are very spoiled and eat 3 times a day. They will not eat the same food because they are used to diversity. When I bring the kitten I will tell you how much and in what order to feed the kitten. And I will answer all your questions if any. Kittens who will fly to another state, we will organize time and communicate by phone. 
I highly recommend that you purchase the same food products that I have raised your kittens on, as they are accustomed to this taste, please note that if you try other brands and flavours they may not eat it, and you will potentially be wasting your money. 
My kittens love fresh beef or chicken mince so make sure their beef or chicken mince is only fresh. They have to be fed different food 3 times a day and water and dry food should be out 24/7 but water is changed daily if you don’t have a water fountain. 
All our kittens are on a raw meat diet.

Home & Outdoor set up ideas

Here are a few pictures of the outdoor enclosures. I let them have fresh air and get some vitamin D they stay there for a minimum of 2 hours daily. I have planted cat grass in their enclosures and believe it or not but they do like to snack on it.

Remember guys! 
The kittens will settle with familiar items with little to no stress.
This isn’t for me but for the kitten. I want the kitten to settle with minimum stress. That’s why I sent you recommendations with items that they currently use or they are going to use.
For me it’s very important to see:
1. Food bowls, they don’t eat from the floor or out of dirty plates so there should be a few so you can swap.
2. Scratching trees and climbing trees no less than 1.7m but can be above it’s up to you. 
3. Litter box and the recommended litter 
4. A cat bed, not pillows or anything
5. Toys are very important