Terms & Conditions

1. Purchaser agrees that this cat/kitten will be given generous love, attention and entertainment and will always be treated with love and respect. Purchaser is to never strike or otherwise harm this cat/kitten in any way.

2. Purchaser agrees to provide lifelong commitment and care for the cat/kitten with the best possible diet, fresh water at all times, cleaning housing and a good standard of health care, including to maintain up to date vaccines and proper parasite prevention.

3. The cat/kitten will be kept indoors or in a secure outdoor enclosure to roam freely outside. Kittens are easily trained to be on a harness/leash if wanting to take outside to enjoy the outdoors with the owner.

4. Purchaser should consider having a cat/kitten examined by a vet within 2 days of purchase for a routine health exam at owners’ expense. Should a licensed vet uncover a pre-existing condition within 2 days, the purchaser has the option to return the cat/kitten to the breeder until the condition is cleared.

5. Purchaser agrees not to re-sell, giveaway, lease, loan, rent or abandon this cat/kitten. If the purchaser can no longer care for this cat/kitten ROYAL SOUL CATTERY will regain full rights to ownership and the cat/kitten is to be returned to us without protest. This is in effect of the lifetime of the cat/kitten.

6. If this cat/kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated in any way, the purchaser will surrender the cat to ROYAL SOUL CATTERY.

7. If purchased as a pet, the purchaser agrees not to use this cat/kitten for breeding purposes without written permission of the breeder. If violation of the ban of breeding occurs the purchaser pays a fine equal to the price of the cat to the breeder.

8. If purchased as a pet, the purchaser agrees to neuter/spay this cat between 6 to 8 months of age, if not already done so. If the cat is an adult, it will be neutered/spayed within 30 days of purchase, if not already done so. Once the purchaser has provided a vets statement of neutering/spaying then registration papers will be provided.

9. If purchased for breeding rights, the purchaser agrees to breed this cat to high-quality cats only from top bloodlines, with aim of improving the breed and also agrees to sell all pet quality kittens desexed before leaving the cattery. Under no circumstance are any kittens produced by this cat to be sold to a pet store and are not to be sold onto another breeder without the consent of ROYAL SOUL CATTERY. This cat/kitten is not to be on-sold as an entire or breeding cat. When the purchaser (breeder) no longer wishes to breed with this cat, then it is to be desexed and sold to a loving home as a pet, also letting the seller
know of the new arrangement.

10. Purchaser agrees to pay a nonrefundable deposit of $1000 to reserve a cat/kitten.

11. This contract refers to a purebred British Shorthair cat/kitten sold as pet quality with limited registration unless otherwise noted in an addendum.

12. Purchaser agrees to never strike or otherwise harm this cat/kitten.

13. The cat is guaranteed to be of sound health upon arrival into Buyer’s care. It will have been veterinarian checked preceding its departure from Royal Soul British Shorthair Cattery and on a cursory physical examination it will have been found to be free of internal and external parasites. It will have been vaccinated against Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis and Calcivirus. The Buyer will receive a health record from the Breeder’s veterinarian as proof of examination, all vaccines received, as well as a schedule of the vaccines still needed to maintain the kitten’s health in the future.

14. Breeder is no longer responsible for the cat/kitten once it has been released to airline employees / or shipping agents of any kind; or owner. Additional insurance can be purchased through the airline.

15. Buyer agrees to follow seller’s recommendations for the transition period of one month. Directions are provided at time of transfer of kitten. This will enable the kitten to develop confidence and desire to explore and participate in its new life. Failure to follow instructions can lead to behavior or emotional problems in your kitten.

16. This cat/kitten will be kept indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outside. The only time it is permissible for the cat to be outdoors is when under supervision on a harness and leash or when protected within a suitable cat enclosure. Kittens are easily harness/leash trained and enjoy the outdoors with their owners.

17. Royal Soul British Shorthair Kittens must never be declawed. Declawing surgically removes the tips of the cat’s “fingers.” Declawing is a mutilation and cruelty that can alter the kitten’s/cat’s temperament, behavior, and health. 18. Royal Soul British Shorthair must be contacted if, at any time during the cat’s life, the buyer is unable to keep the cat. The Buyer agrees to give the Breeder a chance to re-house the cat. The Buyer also agrees that the cat will never be sold, given, leased out, rented, loaned to an animal shelter, pet store, commercial or private, laboratory or research and development center.

19. If this cat is found to be neglected or mistreated, the buyer agrees to surrender the cat and all rights to the cat to the Breeder or her representative unconditionally without benefit of refund or any course of reclaim.

20. The Breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by the Buyer while the cat is in the possession of the Buyer. The Buyer has read, understands and has signed the attached Addendum entitled, “A Special Note to Buyers Regarding Pedigree Cats”. The total liability of the Breeder shall in no case exceed the total purchase price of the cat, less the cost of any medical procedures.

21. Because this cat’s relatives will have been used in Royal Soul British Shorthair Cattery breeding program, the Breeder wishes to be notified of any health problems discovered in the purchased cat as it may have an impact on the health of related cats.

22. The cat/kitten is guaranteed to be of sound health at the time of purchase. It is guaranteed for a period of 72 hours after departure from our cattery if vet-checked within that time. If, however, you take the cat to the veterinarian during this 72 hr period, the seller shall not be responsible for any expenses. If the cat should become ill, while in your care after the 72-hour period, the seller is not responsible for any expenses, nor obligated to neither take the cat back, nor replace it. Please note that when transporting kitten’s illness may result due to stress for young animals traveling. Seller will not be responsible for illness due to stress during transportation. If it is found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening problem, it must be reported by the Veterinary Clinic and returned to the seller immediately. Upon its return, it will be replaced with another kitten/cat of equal value. If no replacement is available at that time, seller will have 6 months to furnish a satisfactory replacement. No refunds are given. The cat/kitten cannot be returned after the guarantee period has expired for a refund or replacement. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide immediate veterinary care to any cat/kitten showing signs of illness or distress, and failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void. Under no circumstances is a kitten to be destroyed prior to notification by the buyer to the seller. If a cat/kitten dies within the guarantee period, despite medical treatment, compensation in the form of a suitable replacement will be made ONLY if a veterinarian certifies the cause of death.


23. Your cat/kitten has not yet been fully vaccinated and the recommended vaccination protocol schedule as age appropriate must be continued in order to maintain the guarantee outlined, the Buyer must have all immunizations done by a licensed veterinarian and provide proof of treatment to the Seller upon request. Your cat/kittens next vaccination due date have been recorded in the vet book by the Sellers veterinarian.


24. In the event of any litigation in connection with this contract, the Breeder ROYAL SOUL CATTERY will be paid reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and all travel expenses, which resulted from the ligation via the jurisdiction of the Melbourne Magistrates Court, in the country AUS, Buyer agrees that in the event of any legal action the Buyer must turn over the cat/kitten to the Seller (ROYAL SOUL BRITISH SHORTHAIR CATTERY) until all court proceedings are finalized. lt is further agreed that the place of venue shall be Melbourne.


25. The Breeder has the right, at her discretion, to cancel this contract at any time before delivery of the cat. In this case, the full deposit will be returned to the Buyer. Should the Buyer cancel this agreement before the cat is delivered, or fail to pay the balance due on time, the cat may be sold to another and the Buyer’s full deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee. If any of the contract terms are breached, disregarded or broken in any part of this binding Contract the Purchaser must pay any court costs that could and may arise by doing any types of these listed actions. The Cat/Kitten must be returned with signed
registration papers to the Breeder and Purchaser pays shipping and any other costs that may accumulate. Failure to pick up your cat/kitten by the arranged pickup date or have your cat/kitten paid off by date stated in this contract will mean forfeiture of all payments and any rights the Buyer had to adopt the cat/kitten in this contract or any other cat/kitten. Breeder reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason at any time. Only a deposit will hold the cat/kitten for you. Deposits to hold/reserve, shipping costs and any other transportation costs are non-refundable.


Buyer agrees to refrain from making any disparaging, negative or uncomplimentary statements on any publicly accessible medium
such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, National television/Radio recording or against (ROYAL SOUL BRITISH SHORTHAIR CATTERY) or the Breeder/Seller.
lt is agreed that if the Buyer breaches any part of this contract the Seller will commence a civil lawsuit to pursue civil breach of contract damages in the amount $10,000
By signing this document, the contract and/or sales agreement, we, the Breeder and the Buyer, consider it to be legally binding under all circumstances and in all courts of law.
This sales agreement is non-transferable to other parties. Any changes, additions, or omissions to this contract must be agreed upon in writing and dated and initiated by all parties.
All legal expenses incurred by Royal Soul British Shorthair Cattery to enforce the terms of this contract will be paid by the Buyer.
All legal action; whether it be started by the Buyer or the Breeder shall be conducted in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
If one clause in this contract is declared void, that does not affect the rest of the contract which shall remain valid. This agreement is not to be superseded by any other agreement(s), be they written or verbal, unless accompanied with signed documentation outlining the new agreement or amendment.


– Breeder agrees to provide a complete medical record of vaccinations and all other documents when the purchase price has been paid and cat/kitten is transferred.
– Breeder reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason at any time with no explanation.
– All entire or show cats/kittens will come with a registered pedigree. Kittens sold as pet quality (desexed) will come with a pedigree certified by the breeder and not be permitted for showing.
– The Buyer and the Breeder agree that a discussion about feline health issues has taken place.
The Breeder has made every effort to raise the most well socialized and healthy cat possible. Before release from our cattery, the cat has been checked several times by a veterinarian to ensure that the Buyer receives the healthiest possible cat. Any health or behavioral issues that are known to the Breeder have been discussed in full with the Buyer.
– The Buyer understands that although the Breeder has made every effort to raise the best possible cat, it is however a living thing, and health or behavioral problems can still arise.
Should this happen, the Buyer and the Breeder agree to work together to solve the problem.

This contract will be presented and signed in person when meeting with local kitten/cat owners the day they pick up their kittens. Interstate clients will be sent this document a few days prior to the kitten leaving.
If the Buyer disagrees with the content of the above agreement, then full refund will be provided.