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  • We are breeding quality kittens not quantity
  • Our main goal is to raise high quality, healthy, fully socialized kittens who would be a source of joy and pleasure for you for many years
  • I have a very big experience working with many different animals big or small
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We will make your truly happy.

At Royal Soul British Cattery kittens are raised with love and care surrounded by the whole family and would love to be part of the family in every way.

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Check the available kittens page first. If there's no kitten available,send us an email 

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We are located in  Melbourne Victoria, Australia

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Clients Testimonial

Amazing Clients Feedback

Honest, ethical and wonderful breeder who puts the needs of the kittens first. Nica works very hard at placing the kittens into the best environment possible. The kittens are extremely well cared for, socialised and have wonderful temperament. Trust and follow all the advice and recommendations provided and the experience of introducing a new kitten into our home could not have been easier. We love the kitten and how they have been prepared for us as her new family. Highly recommended for the serious BSH lovers.

Richard Tu

Happy Client

I highly recommend Royal Soul Cattery. We received our two beautiful fur babies Apollo and Luna a few weeks ago, and couldn’t be happier with these new editions to our family! They both settled Into our home very quickly, displaying such lovely temperaments and vibrant personalities. That along with how immaculate they looked made it evident that they had come from a loving, happy home. Nica cares so deeply for all of her kittens, this was very clear during all of our conversations and email exchanges. She was very passionate about ensuring the future welfare of each kitten was a priority. She is very selective who she chooses, she truly wants each kitten to go to a loving, safe environment, to live a life filled with joy. This in a breeder (in our opinion) is the most valuable trait to possess.It gave us such confidence that we had chosen the best person/company to buy from. Nica was very professional and put a lot of time, effort and energy into sending lots of information to us. She sent across recommendations on the best products, food, toys and websites to use and was very thorough. This was so helpful and contributed massively to getting everything ready and organized for Apollo and Luna’s arrival. We believe that because we replicated many items that our kittens were currently using and eating at Royal Soul it gave them a sense of comfort and familiarity to transition seamlessly between the two homes. We were very impressed to receive a massive bag of toys in the beautiful Royal Soul packaging, along with all the relevant paperwork, certificates and registrations organized very neatly into a folders. We love Apollo and Luna  so much and feel such a sense of gratitude to Nica/Royal Soul for everything she has done to prepare them for our home. I absolutely give Nica a 5-star rating and recommend anyone who is looking for a British Blue to use Royal Soul.

Gemma Lamonby

Happy Client


Best breeder I know. How she looks after the kittens, no one looks. How the kittens live, some people not live like her kittens. Perfectly clean place, Perfectly clean plates of kittens. Nica takes care of the people who bought her kittens. Always answers any questions and help.


Happy Cliient

Very happy with the overall experience. Our little Bella whom we got from Nica has been a smooth process and can’t express how glad we are for her work. Nica makes it clear that from the beginning that these kittens are brought up in the most perfect conditions from socialization, diet and lifestyle. In doing so, Nica’s recommendations have helped a lot in the transition for our kitten. I definitely recommend Royal Soul British Shorthair for anyone looking for a kitten of the highest standards.

Billy Pan

Happy Client

Where to begin? With the wonderful support and guidance from Nica, or the absolutely perfect, well adjusted, friendly, social and CUTEST British Shorthair Kitten I've ever seen?
My first experience getting a kitten through a breeder, and i feel like I hit the jackpot. Everything Nica does is to the highest possible standard. Professional videos, photos, documentation, recommendations - everything. Her devotion to what she does is incredible, and shows in the end result. The kitten she hands over is so amazingly affectionate, confident, well trained, and just draw droppingly beautiful. She cares so much for each and every one of her kittens, and you can see it in their personalities. 
Don't hesitate to join the waitlist. Nica from Royal Soul British Shorthair Cats will take such good care of you and most importantly your new BSH kitten. Thanks Nica!

Adam Lamanna

Happy Client

I want to express my deep gratitude to the breeder Nika. This is a person with a huge heart and soul. She does not disregard her kittens throughout her life. Her kittens are always healthy, strong and active. Thanks to her advice, the kitten immediately adapted to the new home. With maternal love, she nurses "new generations"! May there be more sympathetic people in the world. Thank you, dear Nika! Romeo and I love you.

Нонна Латорец

Happy Client

What an amazing experience I have had with Royal Soul. From the beginning, Nica was so friendly, helpful and has been the best to deal with.

Could not recommend her enough and the outstanding service and compassion she has to offer. She went above and beyond my expectations and was happy to answer any questions I had. My little girl has the most wonderful personality and settled in to our family perfectly

Mariam Masri Rifai

Happy Client

We can’t thank enough the Royal Soul British Shorthair Cats breeder Nika Moss for our perfect baby kitten. She is a professional breeder with a huge heart and beautiful soul. Nika was genuinely concerned about the welfare of all her kittens and thoroughly selected a new homes for every kitten, including our “baby.” Thank you so much for your hard work, help, honesty, advice and support! You were always open to any questions and provided an amazing support with lots of useful information to us. We had a great success in settling and bonding with our kitten upon arrival to our home. We highly recommend the Royal Soul British Shorthair Cats breeder, who provides a high standard of care and living conditions for all her cats and her beautiful kittens are definitely worth the wait! All our family members are absolutely in love with our Bronte girl She is a very happy, cuddly, healthy kitten who brought so much fun and joy into our family. Thank you, Nika

Olga Fishenden

Happy Client

This is my first time as a cat parent and I am very grateful for the support and guidance from Nica. It is very easy to see how much care, love and dedication she provides to all her kittens & it was well worth the wait. Momo, my lovely girl is well socialised and climbed on my lap on her first day of arrival, much to my surprise as I was prepared for her to play hide and seek given how stressful it is for her to leave her siblings/mum and travel to a completely foreign environment: Everyday she gives me pleasant surprises and melts my heart. She loves purring, kneading dough, and loves to follow me all around the house and jumps to my lap for a nap I am looking forward to many years of happiness and joy with Momo and I highly recommend Royal Soul British Shorthair Cattery.

Ami Ami

Happy Client

We are very lucky to have one of Nica’s kittens, Sophia, as part of our family. We love BHS cats and Royal Soul is such a professional operation where kittens have an excellent start to their life. Nica provides video updates of each litter and keeps in touch with people wishing to adopt. The care and love of all kittens is evident throughout the visual and messenger communication and great care is taken to ascertain if the new home will have the capacity to continue this love and care. Her work with her kitties means they are very settled and confident in their new environment. Sophia had settled and explored and played within the hour of arriving with a personal delivery from Royal Soul with excellent practical advice .
Furthermore, Nica provided detailed advice on the food and set up required before the kitten arrived. Her evidence based recommendations were so helpful with many aspects such as best litter setup, water availability, toys and towers to play on. This saved time as well as purchases that might not be suitable. The outcome was amazing. A settled little treasure and such joy in welcoming our new baby Sophia. Lots of hugs and purring!

Wendy Kortman

Happy Client

What can I say? Our experience with Nica at Royal Soul has been beyond outstanding. Clear communication from day one and we have ended up with the most beautiful baby girl. Nica puts so much time, energy and love into her cats and kittens, I would never dream of ever going anywhere else. Her hard work and dedication shine through in her beautiful, well socialized, affectionate and happy kittens. We can't wait to see our baby girl Gucci grow up into the beautiful, funny, sassy, cuddly, playful, affectionate cat we already love so much. She really is the whole package! 
Thank you so much, Nica.

Debbie Mccredden

Happy Client

Highly recommend Royal Soul and the wonderful, kind Nica! We love our little man Bertie so much, he is a beautiful silver tabby, so healthy, playful and full of energy! The perfect playmate for our 13 yr old lap-cat BSH Rhubarb. Nica’s care and concern for all her ‘babies’ — She is so passionate and skilled with her quality selection of Queens & Sires and loves them and their litters like they are her own. I feel so privileged to now be a Royal Soul Mummy, there’s really no other hobby breeder in Melbourne like RS. 
They are truly the gold standard for beautiful, healthy purebred British Shorthair kitties. 

Sara Moroney

Happy Client

Nica and her beautiful family at Royal Soul British Shorthair Cattery are the most amazing and caring breeder that you will find. We are so thankful to Nica for bringing up such a healthy, happy, well-trained and loving boy that we are lucky to call the newest member of our family. 
Nica cares so much for both her kittens and her clients. The kittens are brought up in the most beautiful and loving environment where Nica truly does treat them like her ‘babies’ with such great care and love. Furthermore, Nica is also always there to support you throughout the whole process with regular video and photo updates of your kitten, as well as providing invaluable advice regarding food, toys, etc to help make the transition as easy as possible for them. She will also to check in to see how your new kitten is settling in and help with advice if needed. We can’t thank her enough for her support. Plus the gifts are adorable. Nica, we wish you and your family love, a merry Christmas and the happiest new year. Thank you for choosing us to be the family for your gorgeous boy. If you are looking for a breeder, Nica and Royal Soul British Shorthair Cattery are the best that you will find.

Karl Beston

Happy Client

What an amazing lady and breeder, Nica clearly cares about her kittens/cats and clients. It’s not about money.
I’m not new to this breed, but new to this breeder, and I can assure you I will never purchase a kitten from anyone other than them again.
From the day your kitten is born they provide you with weekly video updates on your kittens’ progress.
Nica will supply you with a step by step guide on how to care for your new family member, from best equipment, food and toys. When your new kitten arrives, it will be socially adaptable, smoochy and are not at all skittish.
They will definitely have no comprehension to ‘social distancing’, and are more than happy to greet visitors when they come to your home.
I would 100% recommend Nica, you can’t go wrong and you will fall in love with your kitten on first sight just as I did. Thank you so much Nica - my little man has changed my life

Margaret Ebejer Stockdale

Happy Client

Had a bad experience with another breeder, so I know how frustrated people get when dealing nasty breeders. Lucky I found Nica eventually. She is easy to communicate with, quick to respond to my questions, and gives regular updates that are so professional people normally pay for such nice photos. My baby girl is very well-behaved, playful, adventurous, not to mention cuteness. I could hardly get any work done if I keep working from home

Cissy Shi

Happy Client

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