About us

British shorthair cats

Hello and Welcome to Royal Soul British Shorthair Cattery.

We are very proud owners of British shorthair cattery "Royal Soul". We are breeding exclusively British Shorthair cats of fabulous and amazingly beautiful colours of Blues and Black Silver Tabbies as a hobby. Royal Soul British Shorthair® is a professional cattery located in Melbourne in Australia.
These extraordinarily beautiful creatures still genuinely fascinate us and we have an opportunity to breed them as they irrevocably melted our hearts with their temper and loyalty to people. The goal of the cattery is to breed cats of high quality and good health, as well as to improve the breed. A small number of animals in the cattery enable us to provide them full, decent care and excellent food. Our cats live in a beautiful home, surrounded by love and care. We pamper and adore them and are proud of our cats, they are full-pledged members of our family. They are in love with us and sincerely share a piece of their heart with us. They have never been kept in cages. Our main goal is to raise healthy, fully socialized cats who would be a source of joy and pleasure for you for many years. We feed them only the best organic food and spend a lot of time playing with them.
My line of British Shorthair cats is the result of the connection between the most prestigious worldwide bloodlines.
My cats are imported from different parts of Europe and are tested negative for different feline diseases. We DNA test every cat that takes part in our breeding program making sure they are 100% healthy and disease free.
You would find in our cats a perfect combination of intelligence, cleanliness, and playfulness.
Loving and breeding British Shorthairs is not just a hobby to me, it's my passion, a commitment of excellence, perfection with knowledge, a dedication that starts with the breeder and my breeding cats of superior British Shorthair. I am dedicated to breeding high-quality British Shorthairs for companionship and for show.
I have a bachelor degree in Veterinary Science and qualify as a Surgeon Neurologist. I've also been breeding German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers for 25 years, so I have a very big experience working with animals.
  • Born and raised with love by Royal Soul British Shorthair Cattery
  • Registered with TICA, The International Cat Association